3ti, the solar car park company is announced as a finalist by the E-Mobility Awards for ‘EV Infrastructure Provider’

3ti is a finalist for EV infrastructure provider category

We are extremely proud to be named as a finalist in the ‘EV Infrastructure Provider’ category for Papilio3, our pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub as part of the E-Mobility Awards.

The E-Mobility Awards (incorporating the Electric Vehicle Awards) seek out ingenuity, innovation and achievement across the sector, including all supporting charging infrastructures and services.

Papilio3 was designed to boost the roll out of EV charging infrastructure and help to decarbonise the transport sector.  It provides a solution that will rapidly accelerate EV adoption through the provision of EV infrastructure that meets the requirements of a significant proportion of EV drivers.

As a destination and workplace charging solution, it takes advantage of increased dwell times to provide an efficient EV charge that optimises use of locally generated solar.

We wish all the finalists the best of luck for the awards ceremony on 26th January at the British Motor Museum.

E-Mobility Awards – Ingenuity. Innovation. Achievement.

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