Northern Care Alliance appoint 3ti to conduct its solar feasibility study

3ti is pleased to be supporting Northern Care Alliance Group with a detailed technical feasibility study to utilise car park and roof top space for solar PV installations at one of its major hospitals. As part of their commitment to decarbonisation, the study will look to optimise space availability to self-generate renewable solar energy to power the hospital buildings, achieving cost reductions and net zero targets.  

Tim Evans, 3ti founder & CEO, commented โ€œA huge thank you to Thomas Store and team at NCA for instructing the 3ti team to look at a multitude of exciting PV solution across your property portfolio. We are looking forward to working with you over the weeks ahead to deliver innovative, safe and cost-effective solar PV proposals for you to implement in the new year.

We think this is a first for an NHS Trust. Well done for taking this important step for NCA and the NHS as a whole. There are so many similar opportunities across the U.K. Letโ€™s make 2022 the year when we really start to decarbonise, reduce energy costs and provide EV charging infrastructure across the NHS.โ€

Thank you NCA for leading the way and driving change across healthcare sector.

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