3ti to sponsor ‘Driving Local Authority Environmental Change and Improvement’ event in June 2022

3ti is delighted to sponsor next month’s Driving Local Authority and Environmental Change and Improvement event on June 9.

An Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP) event, our CEO and founder Tim Evans will also be speaking about the importance of electric vehicles and what 3ti is doing to meet the demand.

The virtual collaboration will display how local authorities are tackling the challenges of climate change and unite councillors, charities and sustainability experts in identifying key solutions going forward.

Tim joins a respected list of speakers such as Jonathan Moxon, Flood Risk Manager for Leeds Council, and Alan Law from Natural England, as well as contributions from Climate Alliance that you won’t want to miss!

Sustainable energy is more important than ever, and at 3ti we believe that a low carbon electric vehicle charging infrastructure is the future, vital for decarbonising the world’s transport sector.

Due to the importance of local authorities in delivering the Government’s Net Zero Strategy, people must join together at every level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The significance of EVs is found amongst our decision makers. In 19/20, councils in England installed over 17,000 electric car charging stations, spending nearly £40 million on flood defence systems and more than £125 per person on environmental services.

But as EV sales increase, the ratio of charge points to EVs is actually falling.

The UK is targeting a ratio of 1:10, but recent figures suggest the current position is closer to 1:52.

Over 230 councils have declared a climate emergency, with over two-thirds intending to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Events like this are central to evolving methods of emissions reductions and building climate-resilient communities at a local level can address inequities, improve public health, and allow local economies to thrive.

You can register your interest in the event scheduled for June 9 from 9am-3:10pm by going to the Institute of Government & Public Policy website.

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