Why solar car parks?

Benefits of solar car parks

Solar energy from solar car parks is a cost effective and innovative way to power both your buildings and EV charge points. Our state-of-the-art solar car parks help organisations:

Benefits of a solar car park

A fully integrated solar car park with EV charging & battery energy storage can:

Highly visible carbon reduction initiative

Forward thinking organisations are communicating their commitment to a highly visible carbon reduction initiative by investing in solar car parks.

So, if you are responsible for energy management, sustainable strategies, fleet management, facilities, property & architectural development or engineering, a solar car park will provide many benefits.

Benefits of solar panels
benefits of solar panels

Your car park becomes your own green power station

Solar car parks provide many benefits and can play a key role in driving the green energy movement and tackling climate change. They deliver the infrastructure to charge both electric vehicles and your organisation with green energy, straight from source.

Excess electricity can also be stored in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), further reducing energy costs so you can enjoy a greater level of autonomy, flexibility and energy security.

Green legislation, environmental & business challenges

Solar car parks will provide solutions to many of your key business challenges.

2050 net zero emissions

The Green Energy Revolution requires the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. This will mean switching from polluting fossil fuels to clean, renewable and sustainable energy sources – but why stop at net zero? Why not become carbon negative?

Solar car parks supply organisations with pure renewable energy straight from the sun, offsetting current carbon consumption. Our bespoke solar canopy designs maximise both solar output and carbon offsetting, contributing to and enabling ambitious CSR targets.

benefits of solar panels
benefits of solar panels

2035 ban on new petrol & diesel car sales in UK

It is estimated that the UK requires 2.8 million public charge points to cope with the switch to EV. The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) confirm that the task is massive and will need over 500 on-street chargers to be installed per day until 2035 at a cost of £16.7 billion.

This is a huge infrastructure challenge to provide enough EV charge points to meet demand and the additional energy needed to power these vehicles!

If you are thinking about EV charging now or in the future ask yourself

3ti works with organisations in both the public and private sectors to provide EV charge points to meet this growing demand as part of an integrated solar car park. You need to act now to be EV ready and ensure employees and customers have somewhere to charge their EV’s, whether at work, in local car parks, leisure facilities or even at the supermarket!

Environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) & climate change

We are responsible for protecting our planet, with many organisations setting environmental goals and initiatives. The biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses are Transport, Energy and Business.

Solar car parks play a key role in tackling climate change by directly reducing emissions from all three! 3ti is supporting the green energy movement by providing solar charging opportunities and empower organisations to self-generate clean energy.

benefits of solar panels
benefits of solar panels

Streamlined energy & carbon reporting (SECR)

All UK companies, with over 250 employees, have a legal obligation to report energy consumption through Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) and must adopt energy efficiency measures to help reduce their impact on climate change.

The benefits of adopting renewable energy and clean technology through a solar car park are easily reported and warmly welcomed by customers, employees and investors alike.

Alleviate pressure on the National Grid

The switch to EVs is adding further strain to the UK’s National Grid. Renewable energy generation from solar car parks reduces energy demand on the National Grid and flattens peak demand periods, reducing grid stability costs, that are passed through to customers energy bills.

benefits of solar panels

Are you ready to join the green energy revolution?

Get in touch if you need help or advice and we’ll explain how a solar car park can be the answer.

benefits of solar panels

We deliver solar car parks from concept to installation

Discover how 3ti is helping organisations generate their own clean, renewable energy to power their facilities and charge their electric vehicles.

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