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Why choose 3ti?

Solar Energy Consultants

Market-leading, UK-based solar car park specialist

Our team has many years’ experience in renewable energy and when planning a solar car park project, we carefully consider our customer’s requirements first.

We look at current and future demand and will configure systems that secure your long-term energy needs. We look at how best to utilise the layout of your site and will incorporate grid connections and Battery Energy Storage Systems where appropriate.

We also provide the best, scalable EV charging infrastructure that customers, employees and suppliers will need as the switch to electric vehicles gathers pace.

Experienced team, committed to combatting climate change

3ti’s founders have been at the forefront of innovative renewable energy technologies in the UK, Europe and Africa and have delivered over 800 projects since 1993.

At 3ti, we help organisations meet sustainability targets, work towards net zero emissions and become EV ready. We aim to provide customers with clean, secure, long-term power supplies at affordable, pre-set prices.

We are passionate about combatting climate change and caring for the environment. We are committed to doing as much as we can to make business more sustainable and the world a better place.

We know that carbon emissions are the biggest driver of climate change and account for over 80% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.*

We know that transport, energy supply and businesses account for almost 70% of these emissions and believe that organisations can drive change by embracing renewable energy. We also believe that the time to do it is now!

We see a world where organisations and electric vehicles are powered by 3ti EV solar car parks.

*Department for Business, Energy & Industrial strategy:2018 UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Final Figures

3ti Values

At 3ti we are 'DRIVEN' to leave something better behind

Solar Panels

Comprehensive project packages from planning to installation

At 3ti, we specialise in the design, build, financing and operation of solar car parks, with integrated EV charging and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

We work with organisations of all sizes, in both the public and private sectors to provide the infrastructure for EV charge points to meet the growing demand, as part of an integrated solar car park.

You need to act now to be EV ready and ensure employees and customers have somewhere to charge their EV’s, whether at work, in local car parks, leisure facilities or even at the supermarket!

If you are thinking about EV charging now or in the future ask yourself:

energy consultants

We can give advice and help to prepare your business case, demonstrate return on investment and offer solar financing options.

We can fund the solar car park project from design to construction, as well as operating and maintaining your solar car park once installed. You simply pay for the electricity used at a discount to your current energy price.

It’s your choice. We will work with you every step of the way, whether you decide to use your own capital, a solar energy grant, green funding or 3ti financing.

Funding that will make your vision a reality

If you require investment to develop your solar car park, 3ti can provide it.

We will design, build and fund your project. All you need to do is pay for the electricity you use. A long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) fixes the cost of electricity for up to 30 years, delivering immediate savings whilst providing security of supply and long-term visibility of future energy costs.

Once the solar car park is installed, additional income streams can be realised from EV charging and grid balancing services, advertising and premium rate parking.

energy consultants
energy consultants

We deliver solar car parks from concept to installation

Discover how 3ti is helping organisations generate their own clean, renewable energy to power their facilities and charge their electric vehicles.

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