Market leading EV solar car park company 3ti, accelerates new recruitment drive

Hayley Hamilton joins 3ti

3tiโ€™s ambitious growth plans are supported by a new inhouse HR function

Anyone involved in recruitment knows the challenges faced when trying to attract the right candidates, a problem exacerbated when you need to hire fast! Market leading EV solar car park company 3ti, has grown at such a rate itโ€™s been difficult to keep pace with recruitment.

Tim Evans 3ti Founder & CEO commented โ€œOver the last few months weโ€™ve had a number of roles to fill and have used agencies to a degree of success, but we reached a point very quickly where we needed someone to manage the recruitment who understood our culture and ensured we filled specialist roles with good quality peopleโ€.

Itโ€™s a mammoth task when there are multiple roles to fill simultaneously; someone has to write job descriptions, source candidates, arrange interviews and prepare employment offers. Vacant positions cost money, delay operations and put pressure on existing employees to cover the additional workload, especially in start-ups.

Recruiting within the renewables sector can also take several months to hire the right person. Speeding up the recruitment process if not done correctly, can be an expensive risk that some fast-growing companies take to accommodate growth.

To support their ambitious growth strategy, 3ti made the strategic decision to invest in a HR function sooner than planned, with the appointment of Hayley Hamilton in April.

As HR & Operations Manager, Hayley was tasked to recruit 3 new positions in just 1 month as part of her remit to create and develop an outstanding team to support the influx of new solar projects.

As HR & Operations Manager, Hayley is responsible for recruitment to meet growth targets, company policies and procedures and the implementation of training and development to ensure 3ti has the resource and capability to deliver multiple EV solar projects and support organisations with the change to an energy efficient future. With over 20 yearsโ€™ experience working across both small and large companies, including Marks & Spencer and Barclays Bank, 3ti is in safe hands.

Commenting on her new role, Hayley expressed her enthusiasm to be working for a dynamic and innovative company, โ€œWorking for a start-up company in a fast-moving growth industry is exciting and challenging all at the same time! Thatโ€™s part of the fun though and to know that youโ€™re contributing to a better future is very rewardingโ€.

3ti is actively recruiting for a number of vacancies including:- Electrical Engineers and Site Managers. If you are an ambitious self-starter and want to be at the forefront of the UKโ€™s green recovery and the transition to EVs, then please get in touch via our careers page.

About 3ti
Founded in 2019, 3ti specialise in the design, build, finance and operation of EV solar car parks enabling organisations to generate their own renewable energy and work towards achieving net zero emissions. Solar energy from car parks is a cost effective and innovative way to power both buildings and EV chargers.

3tiโ€™s bespoke solar car park systems with integrated Solar PV, EV charging & Battery Energy Storage Systems all incorporate best in class technologies and market leading hardware.  This combined approach provides secure, consistent, clean solar energy for businesses from their car parks whilst at the same time providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure for their employees, suppliers, customers and the general public. Clients include Bentley Motors, JP Morgan Chase and Ministry of Defence. 3ti has already installed over 5.5MWp of solar PV across more than 2,500 parking spaces in the UK.

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