Happy World EV Day!

3ti is passionate about renewable energy and believes that providing low carbon EV charging infrastructure is the key to decarbonising the transport sector. 

Days like today highlight how vital it is that we strive to build a society that makes driving an EV accessible for all.

On World EV Day the 3ti team reflect on stories of why they love their EVs so much!

“I’ve only had my BMW i3S for a few months, but it was truly love at first drive! It may look small, but I can confirm that it fits three, 6ft teenage boys and their golf bags! Just like a Tardis!”

“I’ve had over 35 cars in my time, and I have to say that owning an EV6 is up there with the best of them for comfort, speed and good fun motoring!”

“I once got my EV down to eight miles, and while I had two nervous children in the back getting worried, but there was absolutely nothing to worry about – we made it home!”

“This week I asked an ICE driver who was parked in an EV charging space if he could move his car so that I could charge mine. He said yes, apologised and proceeded to eat his Big Mac without moving his car!”

We will continue to strive for a globally sufficient low carbon EV charging infrastructure and we thank #WorldEVDay for creating an event that brings attention to the importance of EVs in helping to save the planet.


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