Self-Generate Green Energy from 3ti Solar Car Parks

Do you want to find out how to turn your car park into a green power station and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? 

We are all aware that the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses are Transport, Energy and Business, but most are not aware that solar car parks can play a key role in driving the green energy movement and tackling climate challenge.

3ti help organisations to utilise their existing car parks and outdoor space to generate and store clean electricity to power their buildings and provide EV charging, through the design and installation of innovative solar car parks.

A fully integrated solar car park with EV charging and battery energy storage can:-

  • Lower electricity costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Provide security of supply, reducing grid dependence
  • Generate additional income from EV charge points
  • Increase asset value 
  • Protect vehicles and occupants from the elements

But where to start? 

At 3ti, we specialise in the design, build, finance, and operation of solar car parks so organisations can generate their own clean energy and work towards achieving net zero emissions.

If you need help visualising your own solar car park and the benefits they provide, please get in touch for a free solar car park review.

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