Solar car park industry experts, 3ti call for more support for the transition to Electric Vehicles and renewable and sustainable energy

In the Spring Statement, Rishi Sunak announced a 5p #FuelDuty cut, suggesting motorists could save ยฃ2 when filling up the average car. Hear from our CEO @Tim Evans on what the announcement really means for the industry:

โ€œTodayโ€™s Spring Statement shows the chancellor has his eyes in the rear view mirror. Cutting fuel duty will save drivers a couple of pounds when they fill up – thatโ€™s a short-term fix. More support to encourage the transition to #ElectricVehicles and renewable, sustainable, zero carbon electricity to charge them, would be a far better long-term solution. Even with a 5% fuel duty cut, the cost per mile in a petrol or diesel car is double that of #solar powered EV charged car with renewable energy. Weโ€™d urge the Government to consider looking to a more renewable future, to help with todayโ€™s cost of living crisis and climate emergency.โ€

About 3ti Energy Hubs

3ti is the UKโ€™s leading specialist in the design, build, financing and operation of EV solar car parks. We are passionate about renewable energy and believe that providing sufficient EV charging infrastructure is the key to enabling the UKโ€™s rapid switch to EVs.

Our bespoke solar car park systems, with integrated EV charging & Battery Energy Storage Systems, generate and store clean electricity to power your buildings, your EV chargers and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Incorporating best in class technologies, market-leading hardware and our expertise, we deliver the whole project from data analysis, planning & financing to installation and ongoing operation and maintenance.

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