solar panel car park

3ti can help you build your solar panel car park

We specialise in the design, build, financing and operation of solar car parks, with integrated EV charging and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Getting started

We aim to understand your operational objectives and energy management goals, so we can help you to achieve your net zero targets.

Our team of experts have many years’ experience in renewable energy and when planning a project we review your requirements in four key stages:

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Project Assessment

Location, size, layout orientation, and topography.

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Site Development

Designs, planning permission, grid connection, and environmental surveys.

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Site management, groundwork, and mechanical & electrical engineering.

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Operation & Maintenance

Managing your solar car park.

Stage 1: Project assessment

Desk top study for solar panel car park suitability

Before we visit your site, we undertake a desk top study and provide a high-level assessment of your car park and its suitability for use as a solar car park.

We look at size, its location, the topography, its orientation and current lay-out. The assessment will be more meaningful if you are able to let us have details of your current electricity usage, half hourly electricity data, current electricity costs and any other key considerations or requirements that you may have, including how you think EV usage might develop on your site.

We also advise on return on investment, and financing options. We can fund your project, so it won’t cost you anything! You simply pay for the electricity used.

We will report on:

Stage 1: Project assessment

Detailed site survey

A site visit allows us to provide a more detailed analysis and more accurate costings. Having seen your site, we can fully scope your project and will provide our recommendations on size, layout, structural, civils and electrical specification including:

solar panel car park

Stage 2: Site development

3ti’s development process addresses the technical, commercial, financial and operational components of delivering and operating your solar panel car park. We need to obtain various approvals from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and local authority, undertake surveys and prepare delivery timelines prior to commencing installation. The process is divided into three key stages:

Pre-design site surveys include geotechnical, structural, soil resistivity testing and extensive site data analysis. Local planning and DNO approvals are required, with feedback and requirements incorporated into designs and planning applications, for example environmental considerations or an upgrade of site electricity networks.

Once surveys, planning permission and approvals have been obtained, you will receive finalised structural designs, installation schematics, a final quotation and a construction phase plan.

Getting EV ready & switching to clean energy can be overwhelming. We will guide you every step of the way and can even fund your solar project.

solar panel car park

Stage 3: Construction

Once a solar panel car park installation has been designed, permitted and funded, 3ti’s in-house project delivery team take over to manage the construction, testing and commissioning phases of the project.

3ti’s project and site managers are all experienced, SSSTS & SSMTS accredited specialists with excellent Health & Safety records.

They work with our client’s in-house property teams, consultants or established EPC contractors but can cover all these roles, acting as Principal Designer during the pre-construction phase and Principal Contractor during construction activities.

Stage 3: Construction

Quality standards & accreditations

Before accepting delivery of materials and complex assemblies to site, 3ti’s project managers will insist on thorough factory acceptance tests and inspection. These are undertaken in line with our in-house quality protocols to ensure efficient project delivery with minimum disruption and most importantly of all, to observe the most robust Health & Safety measures.

We use rigorous systems to monitor project delivery and ensure the safety of 3ti staff and sub-contractors alike.

Stage 3: Construction

Designed to industry standards

All 3ti solar car parks are designed and delivered to rigorous British and international standards, using high-quality finishes, designs, and market-leading components. Our 3ti solar installation teams, construction professionals and electrical experts aim to deliver installs to the highest standard of workmanship with the objective of exceeding both time and cost expectations.

If required, we can adopt a phased approach during construction, to minimise disruption and provide flexibility.

Click here to download the BRE Solar Car Park Guide for more information.

Stage 3: Construction

Minimising carbon footprint

3ti work closely with clients to minimise carbon footprint during the delivery phase of our projects; we prioritise use of locally sourced materials, minimising the use of concrete and ensuring that all site waste streams (cardboard, wood, rubble and soil) are disposed of appropriately and recycled wherever possible.

We also work with the best local tradespeople and keep our supply chains as short as we can to minimise traffic and air pollution.

solar panel car park
solar panel car park

Stage 3: Construction

Solar panel car park construction summary

Stage 3: Construction

Solar car park foundations

Where possible we use foundation techniques that do not require large quantities of carbon-hungry groundworks. This reduces disruption to the car park, installation time and the need for tons of imported concrete and exported rubble and soil.

Minimising our impact on the environment, including noise and traffic generation and keeping the carbon footprint of our solar car parks low are high on our list of priorities.

Stage 3: Construction

Solar canopy structures

3ti design bespoke solar canopies to fit your car park perfectly. With choices of structure ranging from single row, mono-pitch frames to double row “T” framed gullwing canopies, selected during the development phase of the project. We also consider rainwater management options including guttering & drainage solutions.

We work closely with our clients to comply with local authority planning regulations. From surveys to design criteria we employ strict in-house approval and client sign-off procedures throughout all stages of the project. Once drawings and calculations are approved by our chartered structural engineers and clients, individual items are manufactured and delivered to site in accordance with the project timeline.

Solar canopy designs

Solar canopy structure: Double Row Mono Pitch T Frame

Double row mono pitch t frame

solar panel car park

Double row gull-wing v frame

solar panel car park

Single row v frame

solar panel car park

Single Row T Frame

solar panel car park

Double Row Gull-wing T Frame

solar panel car park

Double Row Mono Pitch V Frame

Stage 3: Construction

Solar panel car park build

The 3ti site delivery team, work with site owners, occupiers and their professional advisors, to ensure an efficient, safe construction site in accordance with CDM, Health & Safety and local authority regulations. 

Our project management team take care of items such as site welfare, temporary works, fencing, laydown area and the most efficient and environmentally friendly selection of plant and machinery to use during the build.  3ti champions the use of electrically powered plant and lifting equipment.

Once the piles have been installed, we build the above ground structure. This involves installing posts, building the rafters and purlins on the ground and then using an approved, safe lifting plan to raise them into position.

solar panel car park
solar panel car park

After the posts, rafters and purlins are installed and Quality Plan items are signed off, roofing systems and PV panels are installed to complete the canopies.  The 3ti team is also careful to ensure that an appropriate ‘Working at Height’ solution is provided, approved and monitored at all times.  We are proud of our zero incident Health & Safety record and strive to maintain it in all settings.

Solar panel mounting system are selected according to the type of solar panels being used. Choice and size of panel is determined by the design of the solar array, the space available and the target energy output for each site.

Once the physical installation is complete, 3ti test and commission the system using a pre-approved Commissioning Plan. This approach ensures that the system works at peak performance from the outset, with maximum availability, uptime and efficiency.

Having commissioned the system and obtained a G99 test certificate from the local District Network Operator (DNO) we then connect to your building and EV charge points, turning your car park into your own green power station!

Stage 4: Solar car park operation & maintenance

Once your solar car park is complete, our Operation & Maintenance team provide comprehensive service and support, to ensure your car park operates efficiently.

With real-time monitoring, including 24/7 system outage & emergency callout and online optimisation of systems, we will keep your system operating efficiently. We guarantee minimum levels of output and compensate you for any underperformance.

3ti ensure that the canopies and panels are cleaned and maintained, monitoring solar energy production. Annual servicing, reporting, site visits, inspections and rapid fault responses are all part of the O&M package, tailored to suit client requirements.

Bentley Motors Solar Car Park
solar panel car park

We deliver solar car parks from concept to installation

Discover how 3ti is helping organisations generate their own clean, renewable energy to power their facilities and charge their electric vehicles.

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