solar panel ground mounts

Solar panel roof mounts & ground mounts

3ti is the UKโ€™s leading specialist in the design, build and financing of EV solar car parks. We have experience with both ground-level car parks and in putting solar on top of multi-story car parks.

In 2018, the 3ti team built the largest and the highest solar car park in the UK!

Experienced solar panel installers

We also design and install ground mount and rooftop solar PV systems. The team has delivered numerous roof top solar projects for schools, hospitals, sports centres and commercial businesses.

In 2020, we started working on our first solar ground mount projects with the Ministry of Defence and are currently designing solar farms for a number of NHS trusts.

solar panel roof mounts

Types of solar arrays

To optimise the use of space and maximise energy production from sites, we often recommend a mix of both solar car parks rooftop systems and ground mounted solar arrays.

Ground mount solar arrays

Roof mounted solar arrays

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