3ti wins the Innovation Category at the British Renewable Energy Awards

We are absolutely thrilled to be announced as winner of the innovation category by the British Renewable Energy Awards.

We launched Papilio3 last year at the Surrey Research Park and what a fantastic year it has been for 3ti.
We developed Papilio3, a pop-up solar car park and EV charging hub to help combat the UK’s EV charging infrastructure gap and provide a unique destination and workplace charging solution. Papilio3 takes advantage of increased dwell times to offer an efficient EV charge that optimises the use of locally generated solar energy.   
Our solar car park solutions help with the challenges facing the UK: boosting the EV charging infrastructure; supporting EV take-up; and providing control over energy costs and supply. Solar plays a crucial role in maintaining the UK’s charge towards electrification, leading to more widespread adoption of full-scale solar car parks and unlock the UK’s solar potential.   

Papilio3, an independent EV charging hub, providing 12 fast EV charge points to sites with an existing electricity connection – was designed by 3ti to boost the roll out of EV charging infrastructure and help to decarbonise the transport sector.

Development of electrified powertrain technologies is accelerating throughout the automotive industry as we approach the 2030 ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles. UK sales of EVs are rising monthly. However, the UK requires 2.8 million public EV charge points by 2035. It currently has just 68,512 connectors. Papilio3 has been developed to directly combat this infrastructure gap. 

Papilio3 overcomes the barriers to adoption of large-scale SCP installations, including, planning approvals, grid upgrades, capital cost and installation time. It provides a solution that will rapidly accelerate EV adoption through the provision of EV infrastructure that meets the requirements of a significant proportion of EV drivers. As a destination and workplace charging solution, it takes advantage of increased dwell times to provide an efficient EV charge that optimises use of locally generated solar.

While the most efficient form of EV charging is generally done at home, this will not be possible for around 50% of EV drivers. Altering EV drivers’ mindsets – to move away from the traditional-forecourt refuel “Stop to Charge” model of rapid chargers, and adopt a more convenient, “Charge where you stop” mentality – will be a step-change moment in terms of how EV infrastructure is perceived.

Deliberately designed to address the poorly served middle ground between domestic and rapid/ultra-rapid charging, Papilio3 provides easily accessible, affordable, low carbon EV charging for everyone, regardless of the type of house they live in and where in the country they are based.

The cost effective, low-carbon alternative to rapid charging is destination and workplace charging, where cars are parked for upwards of 2-3 hours at a time and where existing grid supplies can be supported by the integration of solar PV and battery energy storage systems (BESS). 

Papilio3 is an innovative, grid-friendly solution with the potential to revolutionise how perspective EV drivers think of the ‘ideal’ charging network: shunning the cost- and energy-inefficient forecourt model in favour of a sustainable, renewables-rich alternative where the majority of journeys are rarely interrupted by the need to charge.

About 3ti
3ti is the UK’s leading designer, installer, funder and operator of large-scale Solar Car Parks (SCPs). Based in Leatherhead, Surrey. 3ti launched Papilio3, its pop-up, mini solar car park and EV charging hub, in May 2022 at the Surrey Research Park in Guildford and currently starting to install units across Great Britain e.g. at Silverstone Circuits and Bentley Motors headquarters to name a few.

About the awards!
This year’s British Renewable Energy Awards (BREA’s) will be the 18th edition, having begun in 2006 in an effort to recognise the brilliant work of those pushing for change – the ‘Game Changers’ as the REA calls them. The BREA’s are now the highlight of the renewable energy calendar. The Awards honour the organisations and individuals who have enabled the industry to do the amazing work we see today as we push for Net Zero by 2050.

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