Charge electric vehicles & power your organisation with a solar car park

Build a sustainable future for your employees, your organisation and your planet with clean, self-generated energy.

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Introducing Papilio3

The pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub

solar car park

Get EV ready

Net zero carbon emissions

Reduce electricity costs

Papilio3 V2X Fast Hub

We are thrilled to bring you the exciting news that 3ti, Cenex, Grid Beyond & Turbo Power Systems have joined forces to develop a ‘V2X Fast Hub’ project to demonstrate how electricity stored in electric vehicle (EV) batteries can be used to smooth out peaks in supply & demand to balance the UK’s electricity grid.

The new project led by 3ti (funded by the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, delivered by Innovate UK) is setting out to integrate bi-directional DC charging & associated power management systems into 3ti’s pop-up, mini solar car park & EV charging hub, Papilio3.

3ti's Papilio3 V2X Fast Hub

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Can you meet current and future EV charging requirements?

Sales of new petrol & diesel cars will be banned in 2035. Act now to be EV ready and ensure employees and customers have somewhere to charge their electric vehicles, whether at work, in local car parks, leisure facilities or even at the supermarket!

3ti will help you build the clean energy infrastructure to charge electric vehicles and power your facilities.

solar car park

We are a certified B Corporation!

At 3ti, our motto is ‘To Leave Something Better Behind®’, which simply means that we’re working to create a better planet for everyone and a better, more sustainable world for our children and our grandchildren.

We’ve been a certified B Corp for just over one year, joining a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit. 3ti was certified by B Lab, the not-for-profit behind the B Corp movement, for having met rigorous social and environmental standards that represent its commitment to goals beyond shareholder profit. We were extremely proud to achieve a B Impact score of 98.9 out of 100!

We use our unique three technology (“3t”) approach, integrating solar, batteries and EV charge points to help organisations to generate onsite renewable energy from their existing sites, rooftops and car parks to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions.

The first inspection of Papilio3, our pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub, received an excellent rating of 4.09 out of 5.

Get ready for a greener future

solar car park

Get EV ready

New petrol & diesel vehicle sales are banned from 2035. Can you cope with the increased demand for charge points and supply enough electricity?

solar car park

Net zero carbon emissions

The UK has pledged to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Join the growing list of ambitious companies racing to net zero.

solar car park

Reduce electricity costs

Switching to clean, renewable solar energy can boost your bottom line. Generate your own clean energy and benefit from lower electricity costs.

Getting EV ready & switching to clean energy can be overwhelming. We will guide you every step of the way and can even fund your solar project.

Trust the team with a proven track record

Bentley Motors Solar Car Park

Benefits of a solar car park

solar car park

We deliver solar car parks from concept to installation

Discover how 3ti is helping organisations generate their own clean, renewable energy to power their facilities and charge their electric vehicles.

Lead the charge

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Step 1: initial call

Schedule a call to learn how your organisation can take advantage of a solar car park.

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Step 2: solar car park

We’ll deliver your solar car park from concept to installation and everything in between.

solar car park

Step 3: EV ready

Your organisation will be EV ready while benefiting from lower electricity costs.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and get EV ready

There’s no denying a solar car park requires serious capital investment. We don’t think that should stop your organisation from benefiting from a solar carport. We offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and other ways to fund your solar project, so your organisation can get EV ready, reduce its carbon footprint, save money, and much more.

Schedule a call today and we’ll walk you through all of your funding options.

Getting planning permission for many structures can be a hassle. Don’t worry, our team will help you with your planning application. Planners are more likely to approve a solar car park because of its many benefits to the local area; such as reduced light pollution, reduced carbon emissions, and influence on increasing EV adoption.

Schedule a call today and we’ll give you advice on how to get planning permission.

In most cases, a solar car park requires a long term commitment. If your organisation is serious about installing a solar car park, then you may wish to consider extending your lease. If this is not possible or your organisation needs change, then it may be possible to relocate your solar park to a new facility.

Schedule a call today and we’ll discuss how a solar car park can adapt to your organisation.

Getting landlords to make changes to a property can be difficult at times. Luckily for you, installing a solar carport is something most commercial landlords will be happy to consider. In the long term, a solar car park will enhance the value of the property and improve the chances of attracting new tenants. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits with your landlord. With our support, we may be able to convince your landlord to invest in your solar project too.

Schedule a call today and we’ll help you get approval from your landlord.

We appreciate many organisations need a solid business case to justify investing in a project like a solar car park. Organisations want to invest in a sustainable future, but they can’t afford to risk their finances. That’s why we offer a range of funding options from Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to full financing, so you can generate your own clean energy without hurting the balance sheet. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits of a solar car park and funding options with your directors.

Schedule a call today and we’ll help you convince your board of directors.

How much will a solar car park benefit your organisation?

Our solar experts will assess your site and break down the potential carbon & cost savings. They’ll walk you through your project funding options too.

solar car park

The first truly full-service solar car park specialist

3ti is one of the only solar carport companies that can deliver projects from concept to installation. You’ll save time, save money and avoid stress by trusting our in-house team to manage and execute every stage of your solar car park project.

Bentley Motors Logo

Client Spotlight: Bentley Motors

In 2017, 3ti team members developed, financed, designed & installed the UK’s largest solar car park for Bentley Motors at their factory in Crewe.

This impressive installation generates 2.7 Mega Watts (MW) of green electricity, reducing Bentley’s CO2 emissions by over 600 tonnes per year.

Papilio3 hosted by the University of Surrey at its Research Park

As a local business we are aware of the innovative work at the University of Surrey (US) and its operation of the Research Park – it is the perfect location to host Papilio3.

The world’s first pop-up mini solar car park and electric vehicle charging hub, deployable in only 24 hours, has been revealed at the Surrey Research Park, Guildford, home to over 200 innovative businesses, from newly formed start-ups to global corporates such as Airbus and BAE Systems.

Owned by the University of Surrey, the Research Park businesses employ over 4500 staff and was the preferred locational choice because of the Park’s client base, its growing cluster of companies working on sustainability and the deep links with the University of Surrey.

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How much will a solar car park benefit your organisation?

Our solar experts will assess your site and break down the potential carbon & cost savings. They’ll walk you through your project funding options too.