3ti is Driving On Sunshine® from London to Brighton – The EV Rally 2024

For the third consecutive year, 3ti is gearing up for an electrifying adventure – the London to Brighton EV Rally 2024!

This rally isn’t just about covering miles; it’s a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and electric mobility. Imagine hundreds of diverse electric vehicles converging, collectively echoing a commitment to a greener future.  The rally brings together like-minded individuals dedicated to promoting clean energy. It’s a chance to connect, share ideas, and accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

3ti will join the EV Rally leaving London on 22nd June and embark on an exhilarating journey to Brighton, crossing the finish line at Madeira Drive e-village,  an impressive 2.5 miles, showcasing the latest in electric vehicles, home technology, and micro-mobility.

Look out for ‘Powered Up sessions’ on the beachfront! Brace yourself for enlightening workshops and panel discussions led by none other than renowned motoring journalist and broadcaster, Quentin Willson. Mark Potter, 3ti’s Chief Technical Officer, will join Quentin to delve into all things EV, infrastructure, and tech.

As proud sponsors of the Awards evening, 3ti will be announcing winners of the EV Rally across multiple categories.  The EV Rally holds special significance this year. It pays tribute to Tim Evans, 3ti’s visionary founder and CEO, who sadly passed away in March. His passion for clean transportation lives on, inspiring us to Leave Something Better Behind®.

A Journey Beyond: But wait, there’s more! After Brighton, the rally continues its electric odyssey, heading to the romantic streets of Paris and finally reaching the picturesque city of Geneva. Buckle up for an unforgettable ride!

Good luck to all participants as they drive toward a cleaner, brighter future.

EV solar charging in a car park

In a world where 82% of global energy is still derived from fossil fuels, 3ti stands as a beacon of hope and innovation.  3ti’s mission is to get businesses and vehicles Driving On Sunshine® by deploying large-scale solar arrays in car parks, on wasteland and rooftops, whilst growing an extensive, reliable EV charging network with our easy to install, multi-award winning pop-up mini solar car park Papilio3.

With around half of UK households unable to charge an EV at home, destination and workplace solar car parks are a cost effective way of providing low carbon electricity and charging infrastructure to support the switch to EVs.

We developed Papilio3, the pop-up  mini solar car park and EV charging hub to boost the roll out of the EV charging infrastructure and help decarbonise the transport sector. Papilio3 provides organisations and EV drivers access to low-carbon sustainable energy supporting the global transition to bet-zero.

Read more about the EV Rally https://londontobrightonelectricvehiclerally.com/2024-rally/

Read more about 3ti and Papilio3 www.3ti.co.uk

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