solar canopy

Solar canopy structures & design

The large, flat, open and often under-utilised surfaces of car parks make them ideal locations for solar power generation. Modern designs and construction methods mean that any type of car park can accommodate an effective and aesthetically pleasing solar power station.

3ti’s in-house team of specialist engineers design bespoke structures and solar PV systems to maximise efficiency, according to site specific requirements.

Solar car park structures

3ti designs solar car park structures, including the frame, canopy and PV systems, that are most appropriate for the topography and layout of your car park.

Double dip galvanised or powder-coated steel structures can be mounted on innovative “punch piles” that sit within standard bay markings to ensure no loss of parking space.

Constant review and technological advances mean that designs and layouts are constantly evolving. The most frequently installed designs use “T” or “V” frame structures that can be adapted to cover both single and double row car parking spaces.

Based on the available space, orientation and potential for shading of your car park, 3ti will recommend either a mono or duo-pitch roof (sometimes called a gull-wing) to maximise solar output from the area to be covered.

Bentley Motors Solar Car Park

Getting EV ready & switching to clean energy can be overwhelming. We will guide you every step of the way and can even fund your solar project.

Solar canopy designs

solar canopy

"T" Frame Gull-wing Double

Solar canopy structure: Double Row Mono Pitch T Frame

"T" Frame mono Double

solar canopy

"T" Frame Mono Single

solar canopy

"V" Frame gull-wing Double

solar canopy

"V" Frame Mono Double

solar canopy

"v" frame Mono Single

solar canopy

We deliver solar car parks from concept to installation

Discover how 3ti is helping organisations generate their own clean, renewable energy to power their facilities and charge their electric vehicles.

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