Solar Panels

Solar panels

Solar energy from solar car parks is a cost effective and innovative way to power both your buildings and EV charge points.

3ti is the leading UK solar car park specialist and only sources market-leading solar panels from manufacturerโ€™s on Bloombergโ€™s โ€œTier 1โ€ list.

Solar panel optimisation

Solar generation will vary from site to site and is affected by topography, geographical location and orientation (East/West or North/South facing).

It is also affected by shading from adjacent buildings, trees and even overhead power lines.

3ti will work with these factors to optimise layouts and aim to install the most efficient combination of structures and choice of panels to achieve the most cost effective and energy efficient installation possible. All our commercial solar panels come with 20 to 30-year warranties.

โ€œHow many solar panels are needed to power the entire world?โ€ โ€“ย  this is a great introduction to energy:-ยย 



solar panels
solar panels

Solar panels โ€“ key considerations

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