Reduce carbon emissions, save on energy costs and achieve net zero targets – 3ti EV solar car parks

Solar Car Parks

Forward thinking organisations are communicating their commitment to a highly visible carbon reduction initiative by investing in 3ti EV solar car parks. They supply organisations with pure renewable energy straight from the sun, offsetting current carbon consumption.

Delivering the infrastructure to charge both electric vehicles and your organisation with green energy, solar car parks provide many other benefits:-

·      Reduce your carbon footprint
·      Generate your own clean renewable energy
·      Lower electricity costs
·      Provide certainty of energy costs
·      Reduce grid dependence
·      Enhance car park user experience
·      Produce additional income from EV charge points
·      Protect drivers and vehicles from the elements
·      Increase property EPC ratings
·      Reduce light pollution
·      Increase asset value

If you want to demonstrate a visible commitment to Net Zero and you are responsible for energy management, sustainable strategies, or fleet management, please get in touch with 3ti Energy Hubs and we can calculate the carbon savings from your car park.

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